Tecnifrío; technology, service and experience guaranteed

Tecnifrío is a Spanish company with more than 30 years experience in the cooling industry developing innovative technical solutions in industrial and commercial refrigeration, industrial processes and air conditioning. Currently a market leader, Tecnifrío continues to grow and improve.

A complete service

Tecnifrío works with the client every step of the way by tailoring design and budgets to the client's needs, accompanying the client through the assembly process and offering an after sales service, guaranteeing the highest quality throughout.


Tecnifrío develops innovative and sustainable technical solutions from a production and environmental viewpoint. Working on new systems and technologies, such as the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants – NH3 and CO2 – and optimizing energy efficiency of its installations, we are able to offer more environmentally sustainable solutions to our clients.


We offer a personalised maintenance service, under contract according to legislation, always adapting to the needs of the client. Thanks to new technologies available, remote technical support is also possible.

Our facilities

Tecnifrío has warehouse and workshop facilities enabling us to offer a complete service and carry out repairs and maintenance on all types and parts of cooling systems.

Business expansion

Offering our services outside of Spain is another of our main business objectives. At present Tecnifrío has a number of facilities in Morocco and Portugal.





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