From the beginning, Tecnifrío has held innovation, respect for the environment, resource optimisation and a clear client led work ethic in the forefront of its business principles.


Tecnifrío has developed and continues to use the most innovative systems in the cooling industry, with designs and facilities tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Resource optimisation

Tecnifrío makes all its human resources and materials available to the client to conduct a preliminary analysis of their facilities. This is to to identify key areas of action to optimize facilities for minimum energy costs and maximum cooling capability.

Respect for the environment

Due to our commitment to the environment and sustainable development Tecnifrío is continually developing cooling facilities which respect the environment and surroundings.

Client centred approach

One of the fundamental principles at Tecnifrío, the needs and specifications of our clients are the driving force of development and evolution. With this in mind, dedicated personnel are available to offer the best guidance and customer service.





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