Industrial refrigeration

With more than 30 years experience in the cooling industry and having completed over 200 facilities using innovative technologies, Tecnifrío offers its customers the best solution according to their needs and guarantees optimal energy efficiency.

A national market leader with extensive experience and high degree of specialisation in both negative and positive temperatures and in diverse sectors such as:

  • Agroindustrial centres.
  • Chilled storage units.
  • Logistics centres.
  • Ham, cheese, cold meat and mojama (salted tuna) drying centres.
  • Meat processing factories.
  • Fish processing factories.
  • Dairy plants.
  • Ready-cooked meal factories.
  • Liquid cooling (milk, wines, oils, water, etc.)
  • Chemical and Oil industries.
  • Accumulation conveyors.

Working with all types of installations (flooding systems, direct and indirect expansion cooling systems) and using NH3, CO2, GLYCOLS and FREONS as refrigerants, allows us to offer the solution which best suits the client's needs.

Tecnifrío has specialist technical services, its own repair workshop and completes maintenance service contracts adapted to the characteristics of each facility.

Clients may also choose to use remote management systems at their facility, enabling remote control of the refrigerating system's optimal operating status from your mobile or computer.





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