Our Staff

Tecnifrío and its team; its main asset

Our team of professionals is mainly comprised of engineers, draughtsmen, technicians, administrative staff and sales technicians and are the company's main asset. All staff undergo constant training and, committed to the company philosophy and business trajectory, are the guarantee of progress, innovation and growth.

Our workers are extremely customer focussed ensuring a thorough follow-up of each project, its implementation and a complete after sales care.


An annual study of training requirements is carried out to create a yearly training plan for our staff. This allows our workers to stay up to date in their field and help maintain our competitive edge year after year.

Thanks to this and over 30 years experience in the cooling industry, we have ample knowledge of all types of cooling services (in abattoirs, agroindustrial centres, logistics centres, supermarkets, industrial cooling processes, ice factories, etc.) and all types of refrigerants (NH3, Glycols, CO2 and Freons).





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